Psycholab Psychology and Psychotherapy Clinic of the Dr Kamila Tagliaferro offers professional psychological and psychotherapy support for children, teenagers and adults.

We specialize in the following areas: stress management; anxiety disorders and phobias; sleep disorders; psychosomatic disorders; eating disorders; mourning, traumas and post-traumatic stress disorder; obsessions and compulsions, personality disorders, school and learning difficulties.

We also offer psychological support and psychotherapy for patients who have experienced or are experiencing crisis situations or traumatic events such as: serious clinical situations; serious existential events; natural disasters, disasters, etc.

We provide also couple therapy, and we offer to therapists the professional supervision service.

We work with the methodology of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy and the Scheme Therapy, and we practice psychotherapy and supervision in Italian, English and Polish languages.

Our studio is located in the center of Warsaw, a few steps from the metro station „Pole Mokotowskie” at Al. Niepodległości 159 Lok 76, 00-660 Warszawa, Stairway 5th on the 1st floor.

To book a psychological consultation, please contact:

The Psychologist / Psychotherapist Kamila Tagliaferro has gained over ten years of experience in group and individual therapy and boasts multi-year cooperation with the Tworki Psychiatric Hospital and the WAT Hospital Neuropsychiatry Department.

Kamila Tagliaferro pays a great deal of attention to the need to pursue continuous professional development so she takes part constantly at both training and professional conferences at European level and undertake her work to regular supervision.
Kamila has multi-year experience as a professor in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the Warsaw School for Psychotherapy certification and she is a supervisor for Cognitive Behavioral Therapists. She holds the certificate of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy (Cert. PTTPB 121) and the Certificate of Supervisor / Lecturer (CTP PTTPB 39).

She is also a member of the Polish Society for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the Polish Association of Psychologists, the International Society of Scheme Therapy (ISST) and of The European Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (EABCT).

She is the author of the workshop for patients: „Make friends with anxiety”. She co-authored the publication „Mental Disorders and Development in Children and School Realities”, PWN 2016.

In 2016 she collaborated with Polish Children’s Radio as an expert in childhood and adolescent psychology.

Opinions (Znany Lekarz) about psychologist Kamila Tagliaferro:
Kamila Tagliaferro

Price list:
Individual Psychotherapy 50min / 200pln
Couple Psychotherapy 90min / 250pln
Individual supervision 50min / 230pln